Chi Hawk Upholstery services all types of Hospitality Concepts from Family Style, Fine Dining, Cafe/Bistro, Fast Food, Restaurant Buffet, Pubs, Bars, Clubs, VIP Sections, Wineries, to Breweries!

We can help keep your refurbishment low by reupholstering your current booths, chairs, and bar stools. Chi Hawk Upholstery can also help prolong the life of your Seating by repairing/replacing springs, replacing other broken hardware, and replacing old worn out foam.

We offer a huge verity of high quality Commercial Grade Fabrics and high quality mildew resistant flexible polyurethane foam. Our materials meets the Specs for all Commercial Requirements. You can request a Spec Sheet of the materials used for your records.

We can provide onsite visits and respond quickly to solve your issues with torn or damaged seating’s. In most cases, we can match your current material. Our Customer Service Team can provide you samples and material recommendations to best fit your needs.